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Start a High School Chapter

What are the Benefits of Starting a SkillsUSA New Mexico Chapter at my High School?


SkillsUSA New Mexico helps students excel by implementing an organizational framework rooted in three areas: personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics.



Our high school programming allows students to focus on career exploration, while also developing their self-esteem, leadership, and teamwork abilities. Additionally, starting a chapter at your school provides students with the opportunity to learn about local Career and Technical Education programs, and how this pathway will guide them towards a successful future. SkillsUSA New Mexico encourages students to participate in 2 competitive events (one leadership and one technical).


Exploratory Career and Technical Showcase

  • After exploring various career clusters, students are given the opportunity to exhibit their journey towards mastering a particular skill. Each student will create a display board (a tri-fold science board) that illustrates the evolution of their project, and how it relates to applied learning & academics.
  • Contact SkillsUSA New Mexico leadership team for contest guidelines.


Education Resources

Utilizing SkillsUSA Education Resources in your classroom and chapter meetings will help empower students to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens. All resources are turnkey, allowing teachers to easily bring SkillsUSA into their classroom and/or after school programming.



What do schools that integrate SkillsUSA curricula offer you? Students become a well-rounded, well-trained college-and-career-ready student, who’s prepared to not just satisfy demands, but also exceed expectations.

*Eligible for Middle School Student Competitors

Use this Checklist to Start a SkillsUSA New Mexico Chapter at Your High School

  • Connect with the SkillsUSA New Mexico leadership team for informational guides.
  • Meet with your school administrator to request permission to start a new program and gain support for your SkillsUSA New Mexico chapter.
  • Identify your Chapter Advisor and their position roles.
  • Commit to hosting at least to chapter meetings a month.
  • Select your first meeting date and build excitement and awareness throughout your school.
  • Recruit and maintain a minimum of 8 student members.
  • Create a login and register your chapter online at
  • Contact SkillsUSA New Mexico to access education resources.
  • Host your first chapter meeting.

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